Sauna 2

“In a healthy body, healthy mind” is a catch phrase from the time of Ancient Rome. To maintain the beauty of the body and fortitude, the Art Hotel has a Finnish sauna with an infrared cabin, a spa pool and a cozy relaxation area. The hotel guests can choose from 2 relaxing complexes:

The complex is designed for 6-12 people.


- 10 foot billiards with relaxation area.

- Swimming pool with hydromassage, geyser. Diameter - 5 m., Depth - 1.5 m.

- Steam cabin for 6 people, sauna for 8 people, 2 showers.

- Massage room.

- Relaxation area around the pool

Price: 1800 rubles / hour (up to six people). For each additional person 300 rubles / hour

Sauna is rented for a period of 2 hours.

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